Ye Olde Library of Lore

We have gathered bits and pieces of information about a galaxy far, far away, where strange aliens seem to fight a bitter war. As humans, we do not condone this kind of behavior, especially if it takes place without us. We try to collect as much knowledge as we can to understand which side we need to support in the future. Since you decided to join our hunt for more lore, we shall give you access to our archives where new pieces are added as soon as they are transmitted. Use this newly-gained wisdom wisely! Should you observe any discrepancies, miscalculations, or wish to contribute your own findings, you may contact the library personnel for further instructions.

Note: When we receive transmissions, our work as lore librarians mainly comprises decoding and dating it. Once we are sure in which era it falls, we try to understand the approximate date if it is unclear, and then archive the information under its category. As we gather more information, we will include it in the timeline of events that seem the most important, given the data we have.