Librarians' Notes: We do not claim completeness or factual correctness of the information contained herein as it will take several lifetimes to decode all the signals we have intercepted. One of our unpaid interns managed to assemble a language corpus for the words we were able to translate. Another unpaid intern wrote an intelligence to summarize the information from all the translated signals and put it in this mostly accurate timeline.


We intercepted signals from two galaxies, although we were only able to translate those from one of the galaxies so far. It seems that there is no name for the galaxies themselves. The planets of the galaxy, for which we have translations, follow a simple numbering pattern. What we managed to decipher is the name of Gloggylon, which seems to be the home planet of this first galaxy's race.

Gloggylon - A Brief History

Aeons ago, Gloggylon was a planet inhabited by small creatures who came to be known as Gloggies. They lived their lives peacefully, loved frosty food, and cuddled incessantly. Despite the amounts of cuddling and eating, they managed to launch rather successful space programs within only 6,000 years and soon began their expansion into the universe. One of the first colonies they founded was Gloggylon 2, an uninhabited planet in their solar system. There, they managed to build a large space colony that would function as the spaceship harbor of the solar system. Unfortunately, the first excursions to the more distanced planets yielded no success. Then, there was the mysterious case of Gloggylon 3.

More information will be added to this timeline once the intelligence translates and summarizes it.