Librarians' Notes: It seems that the yet unobserved galaxies and their enemies have intricate webs of news outlets. We add intercepted signals from space that can be vaguely attributed to one of these outlets to this news section.

The Meanie Controversy and How it Affects Us
(date unknown)

Since the Meanie galaxy was discovered 982 years ago, we have lived and traded with them in peace. A fraction of the Meanies have decided to overthrow their galactic council and install an autocratic regime with local planetary governments strictly controlled by the new council. This suggestion has not been accepted which seems to have started a war among the Meanies. According to recent analyses by our most renowned galactic political historians, this could also put our own galaxy in danger long-term. If the crisis is not resolved soon, we may even have to accommodate some Meanies. Given the current confirmation of a loss of one of our habitable planets, we might be at risk of running out of space in space. Hear more on this issue on screen 12.

Gloggylon 3 - to be or not to be?
(date unknown)

The Interplanetary Gloggylon Astral Foundation (IGAF) raised concerns that Gloggylon 3 might have disappeared. When questioned about this matter, star physicist Ravrius Melnamnom decried this information as absurd, stating that "it is simply ludicrous to assume that a planet can just vanish from the galaxy without any trace whatsoever." Despite vehement denials of Gloggylon 3's disappearance, hobby astronomers keep contacting their local government and panic among Gloggies is increasing. We have consulted with various professors, but have yet to receive a response.

In our quest for truth, we uncovered two possible explanations, which we will further detail on screen 4 of this magazine.