Light your way through mazes, collect energy, and level up to gain upgrade points. Don't get cornered by enemies or you will face hefty repair costs. Those high-tech upgrades break easily!

What is this?

It's a maze game with lights, enemies, and upgrades.

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Be your own beacon of light as you roll through hardships, collecting energy to build yourself up along the way. Enemies in the maze chase you once they see you - make sure you are not cornered and use your upgrades wisely.

If an enemy does catch you, despite all your attentiveness, a random upgrade will get damaged. Repairing is caring! If you are out of lights and all your upgrades are damaged, you will have to find your way through the next maze without them, until you gathered enough energy to pay for repairs.

How do the upgrades work?

There are passive (vision radius, speed, stealth, magnet) and active upgrades you can choose (teleports, guides, traps, drones). As you play the game, you will find out which upgrades are best to pick. An improved vision radius means enemies will find you more easily, which you can counter with more points in stealth. The magnet lets you pick up energy in a wider radius. Speed makes you faster.

When it comes to your active skills, you can learn teleporting (pick a direction and press your assigned button), get guides (arrows that show you the way), traps (enemies can't move for a short time and you can get past them), or drones (they fly through the maze for a while and collect energy for you).

How many maze levels are there?

As many as you want to play - with a maximum size of 50x50 tiles. All mazes are auto-generated and you will find collectible energy in them. As you grow stronger, you draw the attention of the Eyes, which are your enemies. The difficulty of the mazes depends on your player level which rises with the energy you collect.

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Learn Python, a real world programming language, by controlling your character with code and solving 100+ challenges in story mode - or test your skills in PvP against friends. If you're stuck, ask someone to join your game and help out.

Programming is hard and it's often frustrating to figure out why something doesn't work. We made BlockBawks to take a gentle approach: 100+ challenges with individual guides and detailed explanations let you navigate your character through their block-based world. If you get stuck, you can easily ask for help from a friend who can join your game with the demo version of the game and help you out.

Once you are proficient in Python, you can write the most optimal code and conquer the leaderboards, or fight your friends in PvP - with code, of course!

Guides and explanations

BlockBawks contains a wide range of guides and explanations: from fully voiced explanations on the basic concepts of programming to a detailed documentation on how to use Python in BlockBawks.

Co-op: ask for help

It's nice to get help! Getting good often requires getting help. When you're stuck, simply ask friends or family members to download the free demo version of the game and invite them to your game. They can then see everything you see and edit your code to help you get rid of your current block(er).


Once you have mastered the challenges, you can battle friends in PvP. Or, more accurately, let your code battle your friends' code. You are thrown into a PvP arena and your character will entirely be controlled by your code.

Make your own challenges

BlockBawks contains a full level editor where you get access to a special programming environment to create your own challenges, which you can publish on the Steam Workshop.

How the world works

In BlockBawks everything is block-based, even your character. If you move, you always move forward, backward, left and right by full blocks. This makes writing code easy, you never need to worry where your character is, or if your enemy is in range or not. Movement and combat is turn-based: you get a certain number of action points, then it's your enemies' turn to do their evil deeds.

Save your code

Being a programmer means being lazy. Why would you rewrite something you have already done? BlockBawks lets you save your code and create modules you can reuse in later challenges or in PvP battles.

Hack BlockBawks itself

In need for more BlockBawks? You want all the bawks? Get the Source Code Access DLC and take a look at how it's made. As an advanced user, you can also create mods and publish them yourself (using C++ and GDScript).

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