Broomrocket: Open Source Text to 3D Scene Creation

Broomrocket is a tool designed for people who work primarily with text, in order to iterate faster during your game development or 3D world creation cycle. It takes either your local asset folder or Sketchfab and places the relevant meshes you described in your text where they should be using the prepositions you used. It can recognize object relation in sentences and places them accordingly. Broomrocket is still in development and has a limited set of features. Currently, we have a Blender add-on and a Godot plugin, but are planning to add more support for other engines and the web, once we have developed a more robust set of features.

For example:

Place a house. Place a table behind the house. Place a vase on the table behind the house.

The add-on supports dummy objects, a local asset library, and Sketchfab as mesh providers. It can be extended to add more providers.

Broomrocket for Blender Broomrocket Server Broomrocket for Godot

A house with a porch on a muddy ground surface in Blender.